JoMo Mail

Encrypted, safety-driven mail



We don't scan your mail for advertising. We will never sell your data on to any other party. Your data is yours and yours alone.


Private, easy to use mail on any device. If you need more complex solutions, we have that too.


We can guide you through the setup process, help you register a domain and provide free customer support.


Create regular backups of mailboxes to keep your information safe. Protect against accidental or deliberate deletion.

Mail Admin

Create and manage your JoMo account from our easy-to-use admin panel - from changing your password to accessing your JoMo modules.


Send encrypted large messages and attachments securely through your Admin Panel in a couple of clicks.

Your mail, all the time

Since 2011 - simple, secure encrypted mail available on any device.

Our Offer

The JoMo offer at its core is simple – one or more secure, private email addresses that can be synced on any device. Mail is stored in an encrypted format and your data is never scraped for advertising or any other reason.

Through a simple mailadmin panel, you can change your setup, 24/7.

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