Your most common questions:

Who is JoMo?

JoMo is a product of I.T Just Done and is made up of a small team based in Derbyshire, England. Each of us have the same goal in mind, to bring a safer, more open mail service to you. Our founder has worked in the I.T. industry for 27 years, and has seen what has been lacking in the email service world; privacy being the main factor, and has made it his mission to solve this.

Does JoMo Store My Information?

Nope! We take extra steps to make sure we don’t store any of your information, from payment info to personal details.

How Are JoMo Planning to Positively Effect the Environment?

Us as a company here at I.T. Just Done are working to make our businesses as eco-friendly as possible, with our overall aims to have completely ‘off-grid’ bespoke server housing by 2024. All on-site power generation with no connection to main electricity.

Why Should I Use JoMo Over Other Email Services?

If you prioritise your freedom and privacy online, we’re the webmail service for you. We are a small business focused on helping others be better protected online, and openly communicate our goal of privacy for all. If that appeals to you, then go with JoMo.

Can I Use JoMo for My Business?

Of course, if you have a business of any kind you would like to use our services for, please contact us to arrange a plan specifically for you.

Do You Have a Free Account Option?

Yes! We believe everyone deserves a safer email box, so we have a free sign-up option available.

How Does Encryption Work?

Encryption is a key technique to keep your privacy intact. Encryption scrambles information as it is sent to the recipient, to keep it protected in the send over, and is then decoded by the receiver. We use this tactic here at JoMo to keep any and all information from our customers, safe.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a dangerous tactic taken by online scammers to trick you into giving out your information. Take a look at our blog post to learn more on how to protect yourself.

How Does JoMo Help Me?

Our customer care platform is one we pride ourselves on, any questions can be sent on our contact page and one of our members of the team will be there to help as soon as possible.

Can I Customise the Design of my JoMo Mailbox?

Yes! After creating an account and logging in to Roundcube, head to Settings and from there, Preferences. You are given the option to change the layout of your personal page.

What should I do if I want to change my account settings or reset my password?

All account settings changes are handled through our customer admin panel. Here you can change your password, reset your password, change your payment details, and much more!

What Do I Do If I Receive Spam?

If you receive spam that hasn’t automatically gone to your spam folder, just select the email drag it to your spam folder, and done! Emails received by that address will automatically be sent to the spam folder. This works both ways, in case an email you do want to keep gets sent to spam - simply drag it to your main inbox. You can keep track of what percentage of your emails have been spam on your JoMo Admin Panel, as well.

Can I access my JoMo mail from any device?

Yes! Your JoMo Mail account can be accessed from any mail provider you use; Outlook, Thunderbird, and more! For specifics on how to add new accounts to your respective webmail provider, please consult their guides, or alternatively, we have umbrella instructions below:

Go to your Webmail's Settings; you might have to look in "All Settings", and look for "Add Accounts" or "Sync Email" options. If prompted, select "IMAP Account". Add your JoMo Mail account details, and it will automatically configure itself, ready for use.

What about Gmail/POP3 services?

JoMo does not support POP3 mailing for security reasons. Unfortunately Google's ecosystem would prefer to keep all email data for themselves by using POP3 exclusively, and that would violate JoMo's integrity as a security-focused email provider.

What is POP3/IMAP?

POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is, just like IMAP, a mail protocol used to access emails from a remote webserver. The difference between it and IMAP, is that POP3 downloads all your email locally, and removes them from the server. This not only limits you to one single location, but it means your email is now outside our secure ecosystem. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) keeps email on the original server, and allows simultaneous access from multiple applications, so you can keep your email all synced up on all your devices and still benefit from JoMo's encryption, ensuring all your mail is safe and secure.