With our experience, we are also able to expand this core product to help customers in the following different ways:

Pleased web users on phone, laptop and tablet using Jomo private email service

Works with anything

RoundCube webmail from any browser. TLS or SSL-encrypted connections for IMAP mail from Windows, Apple, Android or Linux. For your security, we do not support any un-encrypted connections.

Web staff supporting customer whilst sat together

Setup help

If you need it, we can provide a domain and configure it with us as required. We can also assist with client setup and ongoing free web-based support for as long as you are with us.

smart dressed man using computer

Mailadmin panel

Create mailboxes and aliases on the fly with our admin panel. Unlimited aliases included, so you can create brand mailboxes with ease (sales@, info@ support@ etc all going to one user for example).

business man sat at desk with computer and paper in hand

Own branded webmail

A custom RoundCube install for your domain, with your URL ( for example), your colours and your logo image.

man and woman in suits gesturing to Jomo blue lock of safety

OTC sending (2FA / Two Factor Authentication)

Two-factor authentication for sending large or sensitive mail. Totally integrated, using your existing mail credentials and the recipient receives a link from your mailbox – no confusing third-party apps or sites to trust.

woman at a computer desk, speaking on the phone

Shadow copy

Often used in the legal profession and other sensitive industries. A complete shadow copy of a mailbox is made in realtime which can only be accessed by the admin user. No mail is ever deleted, providing a strong accountability / audit trail.

man carrying stacks of backup papers


Create regular backups of mailboxes to ensure against accidental or deliberate deletion.